2015 Boxing Day recap by WD Schock


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The Boxing Day Regatta at Alamitos Bay Yacht is legendary among West Coast Sailors. This Regatta is held the day after Christmas Day. The format is in keeping with a holiday vacation feeling. 
Sailors were blessed with snowcapped mountains in the distance, sunny Pacific azure skies above, and just enough wind to keep everyone moving. 
This year the regatta was droned for the first time. The resulting video is hilarious. 
Keelboats, Dinghies, and Sabots all race on the same course at the same time. Organized mayhem does not begin to describe the event.  
The Notice of Race (NOR) is a priceless bit of humour for any Sailor. Key passages are reproduced below.  


ABYC Boxing Day Regatta

Video: Regatta Droned
Video: ABYC Regatta Droned
Seldom has a video captured the essence of a sailing event so well. 59 boats of every size and shape sailed together on the same course at the same time. 
 This pursuit race includes 95 lbs Sabots as well as 3,500 lbs. Etchells all sailing the same tight course. 
Sabots start first 
Photo by Rich Roberts
Sailors can watch a tiny Sabot being rolled by a massive Etchell and then the same Sabot beating a J/24 at the leeward mark rounding. The J/24 was only saved from utter humliation after she hoisted her chute. 
Lido Mayhem
Lidos just a tiny bit crowded at rounding
Photo by Rich Roberts
Lidos and Sabots always steal the show manuvering through boats and crowding around marks in good fun.  Laughter is the governing 'hail' observed by everyone. 
Lido and 49'r
Chris Raab in the Lido crossing a well sailed 49'r
Photo by Rich Roberts
The special nature of the Boxing Day Regatta is captured in the NORs. It is worth spending a minute to chuckle over these 'rules': 

1.2. Other rules that seem applicable or appropriate and even inapplicable or inappropriate will be as decided
by the Race Officer on the day.

2.1. Shameless self-promotion is encouraged and entirely the responsibility of the competitor.

3.1. This regatta is open to sailors with sailboats (see NOR 3.2), who are members' "in good standing" of
yacht clubs and to foreign sailors who are members of their respective National Governing Authorities.

3.2. All boats, especially those that float, with a Portsmouth yardstick; Cape Cod Frosty's, Sabot's, Optimists, CFJ's, C420, Lido's, Laser's, C-15's, Snipe's, CAL 20's, Etchells, F-31 Trimarans, CAL 40's, back yard specials, etc. For boats not having a Portsmouth yardstick one will be invented.

3.3. Eligible boats may enter online or in person. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA MAIL, FAX, SMOKE SIGNALS OR SEMAPHORE. 

4.1. A notice board will be placed near the Race Entry Room, but nothing of any significance will be posted as
the majority of sailors will walk straight past it as usual.

5.1. These will be arbitrary, unpremeditated and incomprehensible to all concerned. They will probably not be divulged to competitors.
7.1. A pursuit (inverted/reverse start) race is scheduled in Alamitos Bay. Naples Sabot's warning signal will be
at 1255ish, Formula 18 Cat's at 1400ish and everyone else somewhere in-betweenish. The finish will be
at 1530ish.

10.1. In these politically correct times classes have been abolished, so as not to appear discriminatory. The
Race Officer will grab the nearest rag and throw it up. (see 4 above, again).

11.1.Where possible, these will be in the water.

12.1.Whatever can be made to float and work on the day.

14.1. The Race Officer will award or deduct points based on the degree of cooperation shown, number of silly
questions directed at him, general congeniality of the skipper and number of crew persuaded to
participate, and gifts received. Boats which get this combination wrong will not win any prizes.

14.2. The first shall be first and the last shall be last, etc.

14.3.One (1) race constitutes a series. Pretty obvious huh!

15.2. If you win you will be famous, and if that is not enough a very large insignificant well used trophy will be
presented to the winner. The Boxing Day Sampson Post.

16.1. The Race Officer will impose on-the-spot fines on any boat displaying any sailing skill at all. These will be
paid at the bar upon return to the Club.

16.2. All protests involving rules of Part 2 or Rule 31 will first be subjected to arbitration. The arbitration
procedure will NOT be a positive experience. We advise against protests.

16.3. Protests, it's Christmas what happened to the Christmas spirit! We advise against protests.

17.1. Two hoists, one of 3,000 lbs. capacity, another of 5,000 lbs. for those who ate too many holiday treats,
and a dinghy ramp are available. Every boat using a hoist must have it's own INTERNAL sling.

19.2. The Galley will be open before, during and after racing. No deliveries to boats.
19.3. The club bar will be open after racing, where you will probably find the Race Committee.

20.1. The Race Officer shall not be blamed for anything.
20.2.We encourage personal responsibility. If you break it you fix it! If you drink out of the hose in the yard
and get sick, it's not our fault. 

21.1. The Commodore may collect money in exchange for worthless cover notes prior to the event, depending
on how good business has been in the previous month.

22.1. ABYC recommends that all competitors wear personal flotation devices, previously known as lifejackets
until some attorney had them renamed.

22.2. Boats are left to work out for themselves what additional precautions are sensible, what actions
minimize the likelihood of damage or destruction, and what level of liquid refreshment is deemed
adequate for the number of passengers embarked
Alamitios Bay Yacht Club 
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is one of the best kept secrets in the WestAlamitos Bay offered the visiting sailors both sheltered waters for bay sailing and easy access to world famous sailing outside. ABYC is home to great food, and the best firepit in the known universe.
The best firepit in the known universe
Boxing Day was a fun day of sailing in the best spirit of our good holiday cheer !
Lidos in Long Beach
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